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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Searching For Cecy by Judy Prescott

Photograph of Cecy, Maine, 1970

What a pleasure it was to learn of Judy Prescott's poetry written in tribute to her mother Cecy. The new book by the poet and actress is illustrated with gorgeous artwork by members of Cecy's family. Prescott's poetry is powerful and a touchstone for anyone who has a loved one navigating memory loss. What I want to say is while the book brings tears it also brings hope. More on Prescott and Searching for Cecy below.

Excerpt from the book’s introduction —

“I have learned to quietly step into Cecy’s world, leaving all of our shared history behind me. Every moment with my mother is entirely new…there is no before or after. She remains a scintillating, funny woman who is a pleasure to spend time with.

My mother took a great interest in my poetry and helped me to edit my work. An English major who could do the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle in an hour, she was no slouch with words. She often asked why I never wrote about her. I told her to be careful what she wished for and ironically, she won out in the end.”


Sometimes it’s better to loosen
the spring line
and let her
float away.

If the storm is that great,
why keep her tethered,
battering herself to pieces
at the dock?

Let her go.
Watch her float peacefully away
under a grey and turbulent sky.

A last grand sail into
whatever lies beyond.

A graceful exit from all things
measured and charted.

Beautiful ketch,
I release you.

More info on Searching For Cecy here

Prescott's Interview on ABC

Judy Prescott, born in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, has spent the past twenty-five years working as a professional actress. Based in both New York City and Los Angeles, she has performed many roles on stage and screen. Her most recent work includes episodes of True Blood, Grey’s Anatomy, Cold Case, Bones, and the films Islander and Hit and Runway.

A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association, Maine Chapter. More than 37,000 Mainers are currently living with Alzheimer’s disease, and nearly 150,000 friends and family members provide unpaid care for them.

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