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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

For My Father, With Alzheimer's

For My Father, With Alzheimer's
Jeanne Marie Spicuzza

Just because you can’t remember
you wanted two children
and I was the third.

Doesn’t mean you have forgotten
I watched you fix the vacuum
and paint the pier.

Just because you can’t remember
I wore the same striped shirt as yours
and you were my hero.

Doesn’t mean you have forgotten
you coached me in little league
and did a handstand when

I caught the last fly ball of the season.
We went to Dairy Queen
for hot fudge sundaes.

It meant a lot ‘cause
you were principled
but you were stingy.

Just because you can’t remember
after Mom died, you became generous.
You felt so guilty.

Doesn’t mean you have forgotten
you slept next to her clothes
and never married again.

Just because you can’t remember
to clean the house
tie your shoes

feed the cat
take your insulin
or go to the bathroom,

doesn’t mean you have forgotten
that you are my father.
And I love you.

Your Alzheimer’s may take
your body, mind
and memories.

But your heart
lives on
in me.

Do not be afraid
of the dark place
where things wither.

I will not forget.
I will remain and remember
for both of us.

This poem was written for Robert Alan Spicuzza by a friend from the early days of the Poetry Slam. We met back in the day in Milwaukee and it is an pleasure to include her work here. More info on Spicuzza and her work at Seasons & a Muse, Inc

Jeanne Marie Spicuzza is a writer, actress, film producer and master herbalist, and the founder and CEO of Seasons & a Muse, Inc., a seven division arts and entertainment cooperative corporation. She is published in Shepherd Express, Poetry Motel, Poetic Diversity, Blue Fifth Review, Quill & Parchment and others. She has featured on radio, television and film like NPR, BBC, Lifetime Television and more. The recipient and nominee of several prestigious awards, including the Shepherd Express Performance Artist of the Year, the Golden Headset Award and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Nicholl Fellowship Award, Jeanne Marie performs internationally. She is currently in active development of five independent motion pictures.

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